The easiest way to implement transparency at scale

Easily and securely implement C2PA-compliant signed digital media, backed by Truepic’s industry leading visual media PKI.

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BenefitsProtect what matters

Transparent visual media protects against the risks and threats that impact your business and brand.

Protect and grow your brand

Establish and maintain creative ownership

Prevent fraud and disinformation

Protect your platform and your consumers

Responsibly implement AI

Protect your employees

For DevelopersTruepic’s transparency tools

Truepic provides transparency-as-a-service so you can protect what matters. Our development tools and libraries enable turnkey implementation of compliantly signed visual media at scale. No need to string together disparate tools or “figure it out,” Truepic combines what you need to get started out of the box with enterprise level service and support.

Get started right away

Developer-driven experience that works with your stack. Sample code and applications to make getting started quick and easy.

Privacy first

Flexible implementation that allows for custom, opt-in, or redacted data depending on your customers’ preferences or your own.

Scalable and secure

Robust and reliable PKI and time-stamping authority, secure and performant cryptography and APIs, powered by Truepic’s leading infrastructure.

Automate compliance

Let Truepic ensure you are implementing emerging industry file type and compliance standards without lifting a finger.

Future proof your business

Lead your industry, mitigate risk, and implement best practices for interoperable authenticity on the internet.

Authenticity in the file

Critical details are secured directly into the file. No need to check a central database or blockchain.

All tools in oneEnd-to-end foundation

With security and simplicity at its core, Truepic combines all the the tools needed to be transparent online, immediately. Our secure Certificate Authority ensures only you can sign and protect your own creations. Our compliant claim-creation and signing library combined with our time-stamping authority ensures the authentic data you care about is directly secured into the file, at a traceable point in time.

Global transparency

From Fortune 500 to conflict zone documentation, Truepic’s solutions have been deployed to sign tens of millions of images across the globe, ensuring consumers have the details they need to trust all visual media.

Original Capture

Unaltered photos and documentation.

Artistic Composite

Human generated and edited images.


Computer generated media and art.

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